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Introducing SimplyLoose Features

June 21, 2017

SimplyLoose is an IoT based SAAS model for fitness experts like personal trainer, dietitian, yoga experts, gyms, bariatric doctors to train their clients through online training. By coupling online with in-person training sessions, clients are able to get maximum value from experts as they are able to train anytime, anywhere.

By combining both a trainer and client side experience, SimplyLoose allows fitness professionals to stay connected with their clients and manage their coaching business from their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, SimplyLoose helps clients achieve their fitness goals by keeping them engaged with their trainers. Trainers help clients stay committed to their program through customized and comprehensive training plans and progress reports.


Both fitness professionals and clients can use the app, however fitness professionals need an account on to enable clients access to the app. Clients can only use the app if they are working with a trainer that uses SimplyLoose.


- Keep a full client contact list database and train them in-person, anytime
- Build and deliver customized training plans
- Build and deliver diet plans
- Manage your trainers
- Manage your pricing plans
- Manage your clients with your trainers
- Add full client body stats
- Keep track on your client's activity
- Communicate with your clients in real-time
- New way of tracking food and comprehensive view of recipe
- Send push notification reminders to the clients
- Connect to module add-ons to extend your business and services
- Manage CMS pages of your website


- Access training plans, follow and check-in to workouts
- Access meal plans if your coach sets them up
- Get your daily To-Dos
- Communicate with your trainers in real-time
- Track your body progress stats and graphs
- Set fitness goals for steps, sleep, water, distance, calories burned
- Connect to Wearable devices to sync body stats instantly
- Allows to insert steps and sleep data manually
- Manage your fitness activities, track your weight and monitor your diet using Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin & many more or Bluetooth medical devices



- Full fitness solution for the gym trainers & their clients
- Gym trainers can easily manage Membership Plans and can define their classes schedule
- Gym trainers can schedule daily workout for their clients
- Gym trainers can track each client's activity and physic reports
- Clients can view Membership Plans and get enrolled themselves for the membership right from the app
- Clients can check classes schedule right from the app
- Clients can view daily workout schedule on the app assigned by their gym trainers and follow them to achieve fitness goal
- Comprehensive view of client's physic reports


- Full fitness solution for the yoga trainers & their clients
- Yoga trainers can easily manage pricing for the different yoga classes
- Yoga trainers can define their classes schedule with no. of spots available for a particular class
- Yoga trainers can schedule daily workout for their clients to meet their fitness goals
- Yoga trainers can track each client's activity
- Clients can view list of yoga classes schedule and can book for the classes right from the app
- Clients can view daily workout schedule on the app assigned by their yoga trainers and follow them to achieve fitness goal
- Comprehensive view of client's performance report

IMPORTANT NOTE: This app is a companion app for businesses that use SimplyLoose. An online account is required. If you're a client, ask your trainer for your account details so you can login to this app.

Please note that SimplyLoose is intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

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