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You want to streamline your business with a powerful platform that minimizes administrative hassles, increases efficiency & member retention, and helps both you and your members to achieve fitness and weight loss goals through the SimplyLoose app that gives access to “a customised diet/exercise plan” developed by you. SimplyLoose is designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, trainers and book classes, process and track sales, and communicate in a group with the right members at the right time.

Designed to fit health clubs of all sizes, It's feature-packed platform. With a full booking system, point of sale, billing integration, a mobile app for customers, online booking for customers, and 24x7 data access, SimplyLoose has all you need to more efficiently manage your practice like a pro.


Members Management & Messaging

Members Management

Deliver an extraordinary member experience with an intuitive member dashboard that you will love. Save time during every interaction with customers.

Instant Messaging

Run your next chat session right from the SimplyLoose for secure and convenient training. No more sending customers to external apps or links–it’s all in one place. Use SimplyLoose chat with your customers as a great way to stay connected.

Point of Sale (POS)

Enhance your net earning with smart POS and tracking system that works on any device. SimplyLoose will help you sell your products, services, contracts and memberships, packages, workshops.

Online Booking & Notifications

Online Booking

Manage your schedules, check payment history, and give your members the flexibility to make online bookings for classes, PT sessions, next visit, other services and pay online for it.

Integrated Billing

With the SimplyLoose’s automated payment processing, get paid on time without the administrative stress, decreasing administrative time, costs and errors.

Tasks & Push Notification Reminders

Streamline the scheduling and management of your appointments, services and workflow. Get instant Web-Push Notifications when your customers log their activity, book for any services or appointment, etc.


Online Signups & Customer Retention

Online Signups

Automate your signup process, go paperless with online signups and give your members the convenience to access your services like book classes, make payments and track their progress.

Customer Retention

SimplyLoose helps you retain customers, once customers come through your doors. Our tools make it easy to engage customers and build long term positive relationships.

Staff Resources

Keep the whole schedule in one place and access what you need. Each staff member gets a unique login, so they can check their schedules anywhere.

Business on-the-go (CRM)

Experience the benefits of having your entire business system at your fingertips, manage from anywhere and free yourself from the front desk.

Automation Workflows & Fitness Plans

Automation Workflows

Build long term positive relationships with your members by keeping in touch often – automatically! SimplyLoose automatically sends confirmations to customers via email, or push notifications.


When it comes to your business goals, SimplyLoose tracks everything you need to know. Business Intelligence Reports help you allocate your resources, budget effectively.

Diet Plans

Build and deliver customised diet plans with comprehensive nutritional information to your customers for online and in-person fitness training and keep track of their calorie intake and progress.

Exercise Plans

Build and deliver customised exercise plans built from workouts to your customers for online and in-person fitness training and keep track of their workouts and progress.


We are offering to your Customers

Daily To-Dos

Connect 24x7 with the certified fitness experts. Customers get daily tasks from experts who can guide and motivate them towards their fitness goal based on their needs and the realities of their lifestyle.

Comprehensive Tracker

Customers can keep a tab on their lifestyle by logging their food, activity, water, weight, sleep and steps on a daily basis on the go. Experts can give them real-time feedback & help them stay on track.

Customised Diet & Exercise Plans

Customers will get customised diet and workout plans suited to their tastes and activity levels which is never too difficult to follow. Automated mobile app notifications provide them reminders for their schedules.

Automated & Real-time Insights

Customers can see health records, macro-nutrients breakdown, daily insights on their calorie budgets and body stats instantly on the SimplyLoose app to track their progress.

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