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Introducing SIMPLYLOOSE for Health/Fitness Experts

June 19, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that, starting today, SimplyLoose is openly available to Health & Fitness experts around the world. Visit to create your expert account, and try it out for your Fitness business. We assure, you and your clients will love it.

SIMPLYLOOSE is an IoT based B2B Health/Fitness App for Training & Tracking your client’s daily activities. SimplyLoose is a web platform allowing health/fitness experts to manage clients, train clients anywhere by delivering workout/diet plans online and to client’s Smartphones. You can market your business with a responsive SEO friendly website and through tightly integrated social media modules, and have access to apps and tracking tools which can be branded and customized for your business needs. Rather than allowing your clients to sit idle on days they’re not getting trained in-person, Health/Fitness Experts can now bring value to their service offering with online sessions, and boost revenues with a solution that’s fit to bring Industry growth.

We began our private beta two months ago, and today many of personal fitness experts, a few dietitians, a few gyms, a few Yoga exerts, and one bariatric doctor , are totally relying on SimplyLoose to manage their client’s, their exercise/diet progress, and do some truly great things in the fitness industry.

The B2B Health/Fitness experts from Fitness Industry have told us that SimplyLoose helps them communicate workouts in a daily and effective manner, and being that the market is a competitive one, B2B Health & Fitness consumers are looking for ones who stand out.

Think Fitness Studios, a fitness studio in Surat, is a perfect example. Says their lead fitness trainer: “SimplyLoose allows us to keep in constant contact with clients without having to be there. Giving workouts in between training sessions with SimplyLoose ensure that our clients are maximizing their potential and accomplishing their fitness #goals in their day to day life.”

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