Approach to Healthy Lifestyle

An IoT based Health and Fitness Social Networking Platform built exclusively for health and fitness experts to connect with fitness enthusiasts.

Client Management

Save time during every interaction with members. Manage all your member data in one place including their account information, payment history, attendance, member contracts and any special notes that will help you boost their performance and retain your business. Get an overview of each client's diet, workouts, progress and messages

Being Socially Connected

Extend your profile, create your portfolio including your personal wall, friend list, photo album and profile cover; connect with other people, find the right niche where your interests and expertise intersect, inform your followers with updates on your own wall.

Communicate like you already do on other social networks. Post and share any piece of content with social sharing features, comment, like, follow and create viral growth just the way you want it. Fast and convenient way to share contents with the community with hashtags, mentions, comments.

Push Notification Reminders

Streamline the scheduling and management of your appointments, services and workflow. Get instant web and in-app-push notifications whenever your client log their activity, book for any services, next visit or appointment, etc. Send them push notifications to stay connected with them which help them motivate and stay committed to their program through customized and comprehensive training plans throughout the lifetime of their contract.

Online Booking

Manage your schedules, check payment history, and give your members the flexibility to make online bookings for classes, PT sessions, next visit, other services and pay online wherever, whenever it's most convenient for them means your members are more engaged with their health, and your business.

Customized Diet & Workout Plans

Build and deliver customised diet plans with comprehensive nutritional information and customised exercise plans built from workouts to your clients for online and in-person fitness training and keep track of their calorie intake, workouts and progress.

Integrated Billing

With the SIMPLYLOOSE’s automated payment processing, get paid on time without the administrative stress, decreasing administrative time, costs and errors. Provide your clients simplicity, convenience and security to make payment through credit and debit cards of all major organisations.